Natural dog health made easy

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If you have the basics of natural dog health covered, you might be looking for more advanced tactics to keep your dog healthy. Sort of like advanced dog training, taking a more advanced approach to dog health includes those things that are really good for your dog but aren’t things you’re already doing.

  1. Schedule health screenings with your vet. As your vet gets older, there are specific checks your vet needs to perform. By keeping on schedule with them, you’ll often find that you can prevent future problems with natural dog health options instead of having go straight to medications (because you catch problems early).
  2. Use essential oils like those by Young Living Oils to optimize your dog’s health. They offer blends for everything from anxiety to good health.
  3. Keep your dog’s mind occupied. Just like with people, keeping your dog’s brain active keeps your whole dog naturally healthy. Interactive dog toys are a great tool to use to keep your dog busy.

What do you use for natural dog health?

How to use all natural dog flea control in a yard

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Would you like to use an all natural dog flea control to keep fleas out of your yard and off your dog? There’s an easy-to-apply forumla that can help prevent fleas, that we just started using in our back yard. It’s also supposed to be effective against ticks.

Start by mowing your grass as short as possible. Don’t cut it so short that it’ll burn, but do cut it short. Then, on a day that it’s not supposed to rain, gather your supplies and apply this mixture.

You’ll need a new sprayer that you won’t use for any other purposes–that’s because you want to make sure you won’t have any non-pet-safe residue in the sprayer from other pesticides.

You’ll also need neem essential oil, garlic, pyrethrin, water, and canola oil. You can get the neem and pyrethrin at your local garden supply store (call first in case they need to special order it for you). The oil will help the natural dog flea control pesticide to stick to the lawn and plants.

Mix together two parts water to one part canola oil. Then, mix this oil/water mixture four parts to one part pyrethrin.

In other words, you’d start with two cups of water and one cup of canola oil for a total of three cups. Then, mix in 3/4 of a cup pyrethrin with the oil/water mixture. Next, mix in the neem oil according to the directions on its package (they vary depending on brand).

Spray the yard thoroughly. And I do mean thoroughly! Get everything from the lawn to the bushes–you want to make sure there’s no place for fleas and ticks to linger. It’s safest for your pet if you don’t let him out in the yard for 24 hours after spraying the yard, so make it worth the inconvenience by snuffing out all the bad bugs.

Depending on your area and how prevelent fleas and ticks are, you’ll want to spray the yard every 7-10 days throughout the summer. This should keep the fleas and ticks at bay.

What kinds of dog flea control do you use?