Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Do you dress up your dog for Halloween? We do–the kids from the neighborhood love to get their candy from him, and he seems to get a kick out of their responses. We’ve trained him to hold the bucket of candy and it’s pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself.

In fact, yesterday as Vance and I were out for a walk through the neighborhood, one of the kids from down the street asked Vance what he was going to dress up as this year. I thought that was absolutely adorable. And it was inspiration to finish up his costume for this year, too!

This year, we’ll be dressing Vance up as a goblin, using a green fabric “suit” of sorts, and booties for his front two feet. We’ve already tried on the hat and booties and he took to them quite well–which may have had something to do with the excessive number of cookies we gave him!

If we didn’t have his costume already, though, I’d definitely be considering one of these:

And if we had a little female dog, I wouldn’t be able to resist:

Seriously, how cute are these costumes? Do you dress up your dog for Halloween? (Or just “because”?) And how does your dog react to it. I know some dogs hate wearing costumes, and I think Vance wouldn’t like it if it was just for our own amusement, but he seems to really enjoy clowning around for the neighborhood kids who all ooooh and awwww over him each year.

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