How to cut a dog’s nails without blood or pain

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I hate cutting Vance’s toenails. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Which means I leave it too long and then they grow out too much and the quick grows out further into the nail.

The reason I hate it is because I know it hurts him if I cut too close, plus it’s scary to make him bleed.

I just watched this video from The Dog Training Guys that gave me something I can’t wait to try, though. They walk you through (on video) a simple approach for how to cut a dog’s toenails without making them bleed. Easy peasy!

I know Vance will be so happy I’ve learned this if it actually works. And your dog will probably appreciate you learning this technique too, so hop over to their site and check it out. (While you’re there, definitely check out what else they offer–they’re really smart guys with a lot of useful resources.)

Flea prevention favorites?

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Because our dog has allergies, we had to stop using a flea prevention skin treatment (Frontline). It irritated his skin (causing flaky, itchy patches where we’d applied it, even though we tried not to apply it in the same spot twice) and made my eyes water both to put it on him, and also to be around him for several hours after application.

So, we talked to the vet, and got a prescription for Sentinel instead. This has worked really well for us. It’s a once-a-month flea and heartworm prevention tablet, and from our vet, the cost is comparable to what we were paying for both heartworm and flea medicine before.

Because we try to keep things as chemical free as possible, we don’t use any chemical flea treatments, and have yet to have any fleas at all, which is really wonderful. This year, we are planning on using some of the suggested all natural flea abatements to eliminate mosquitoes (some all natural products do both but are marketed more for flea control). I’ll definitely let you know how that turns out!

Today, though, I’d like to know what you use for flea prevention. Do you use something applied topically? A flea collar? An all-natural approach? And how do you (and your dog!) like it?

How to brush a dog’s teeth

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Vance hates having his teeth brushed, but we all know that doggie dental care is really important to a dog’s overall health. So, in addition to the dental Kong and teeth-cleaning biscuits, we brush his teeth three times a week.

It seems like a good compromise for us–more often than that and we just never do it, less often and I feel guilty that I’m not taking good enough care of him.

But, today as I was wrestling with Vance and the toothbrush and the paste… I thought I’d see what’s on YouTube that might make the whole process less frustrating for both me and the dog.

Of the great videos available, this one was my favorite, though you’ll have to ignore the corney montage at the beginning. Enjoy this video on how to brush a dog’s teeth! And if you have any tips for making it easier, please feel free to share.