Taking advantage of pet owners everywhere…

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I’ll admit it: we spoil our dog. We buy him high-quality dog food and good cookies. He’s a Lab, so his grooming needs are minimal compared to some dogs, but we use nice soap, and a great brush. We take him in for “pedicures” because I hate clipping his toenails and was letting them grow too long (plus, it’s only $5 and he loves the groomer).

So, I can understand why marketers think pet owners are a “great” market but it still makes me furious to see the way they exploit us sometimes. Making matters worse? Witness the Canine Castle Kennel:

The Canine Castle Kennel or CCK for short is the world’s first luxury aluminum dog kennel. The kennel is our response to the emerging luxury pet market and the increasing demand to pamper man’s best friend.

Isn’t that insulting? They’re saying because we’re willing to spend big bucks on our pets, they’re going to “rise to the occasion” of separating us from our hard-earned cash by creating a “luxury” kennel. Gross, right?

Our dog is an indoor pooch, but if we kept him outside, he’d definitely need some sort of protective structure, but for that price, we could build something that could double as an entertaining gazebo. Heck, we could buy a pre-made gazebo for that price and have something that was actually pretty in the yard.

(And now I’m wondering if I could convince DH that we totally need one of those gazebo kits because it could do double duty. Nah–he’d see right through me…)

What’s the most ludicrous thing you’ve seen marketed to dog owners lately?

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