Luxury dog beds

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If you’re in the market for a luxury dog bed, here are my favorites for extra-pampered pooches. (If you’d like something more sensible, read my article on Best Dog Beds for more great choices.)

If the dog bed is going to go in the living room or bedroom, I definitely think it’s worth splurging on something *you* like the look of–a rolled up blanket on the floor definitely ruins the ambiance of a “hotel-chic” master bedroom! And, you’ll notice most of these beds aren’t even super costly (though they’re almost exclusively for small dogs, sadly).

Dog Snuggle Bed

Luxury Dog Bed This lovely bed won’t cost an arm and a leg, but if your dog is anything like mine, and loves to snuggle with his bed, he’ll love the warm, cozy faux fur bed. If your dog tends to nestle into a pile of clean clothes, or gravitate to your fuzziest sweaters, this bed will be perfect. Plus, at under $40 for the medium size, you won’t blow this month’s rent on a luxury dog bed.

Small Dog Bed

Small Dog Bed If you’ve got a small dog, this bed might be perfect. With it’s adorable metal frame (which I think I’d spray paint white for a cleaner look), your dog will snuggle in and feel right at home. Plus, the furniture look of this small dog bed will fit right in in most living rooms instead of having to be relegated to the family room.

Extra Large Dog Bed

Large Dog Log Cabin
If you’ve got an extra large dog, this luxury log cabin might make the perfect outdoor dog bed. It looks great in most back yards and is completely waterproof. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and even comes with leveling feet if your backyard’s a bit uneven.

Fancy Dog Bed

Fancy Dog Bed
This cozy couch is perfect for dogs up to 35lbs and looks great in most bedrooms (the room at my house where I least want a typical dog bed!). It’s got a sleek leather-look and promises to be durable and hold up well for many years to come. Throw a doggie-sized throw over the back, and maybe add a pillow or two, and your pooch will have the fanciest dog bed on the block!

These beds are admittedly more “fantasy” than my last post on Best Dog Beds, but you’ll notice none of them breaks the bank (though that last one is probably best for very spoiled dogs ;-)). What’s the most you’d spend on a luxury dog bed?

Best Dog Beds

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If you’re in the market for a new dog bed, chances are you’re a little overwhelmed by all the options out there. Between size and shape, pattern, and type–there are so many decisions to make. And that doesn’t even include price! Because, yeah, dog beds can get really expensive.

So, I rounded up some great choices to help you find the dog bed that’s right for your dog.

Heated Dog Bed Blanket

Heated dog bed
If you have a dog who hates the cold, this heated dog bed blanket will keep him nice and cozy. It comes in two different colors and has a safety feature to prevent it from getting too hot making it perfect for long snuggles under the covers. Because it’s a little pricey, make sure your dog tolerates being under a blanket before picking this one up.

Organic Dog Bed

Organic Dog Bed
Covered in 100% organic hemp fabric and filled with recycled materials, the machine-washable covers come in bright stripes in round and square shapes. Plus, at AllModernPet, shipping’s free which can save you quite a bit since dog beds can be costly to mail.

Dog Couch Bed

Dog Couch Bed
If your dog likes to snuggle on the arm of your couch, perhaps its time to get him his own. Dog couch beds are popular both because they have more of a furniture look and also because many dogs enjoy snuggling into the sides.

Outdoor Dog Bed

Outdoor Dog Bed
This outdoor dog bed comes with several fun covers and is designed to withstand heavy rain and full sun. They’re also stain and moisture resistant!

What kind of dog bed do you use? Vance has an LL Bean bed that he adores, and it looks quite nice in our den–it’s held up well so far, too, but he tends not to be particularly rough on his beds.

Dog health products: The right hairbrush

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When you brush your dog, what kind of brush do you use? The FURminator is a popular dog health product that pulls out the dog’s undercoat and reduces shedding.

This can help keep your dog cooler in the summer, which will make your dog happier.

We tried a Furminator for about two weeks with our dog Vance and he hated it, despite our best efforts to get him to like it. I’m not sure if I wasn’t using it right (I watched the video, but maybe I held my wrist wrong).

The dog health product hairbrush we wound up using is the Zoom Groom from Kong. It’s easy to hold and does a good job of removing loose undercoat fur. With Vance’s short coat (he’s a yellow Lab), the Zoom Groom keeps him looking clean and tidy and has definitely cut down on his shedding. As an added bonus, the Zoom Groom is a lot cheaper than the FURminator, though it’s probably not quite as effective.

Which dog health product hair brush do you use? Have you tried the FURminator or the Zoom Groom?

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