How to cut a dog’s nails without blood or pain

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I hate cutting Vance’s toenails. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Which means I leave it too long and then they grow out too much and the quick grows out further into the nail.

The reason I hate it is because I know it hurts him if I cut too close, plus it’s scary to make him bleed.

I just watched this video from The Dog Training Guys that gave me something I can’t wait to try, though. They walk you through (on video) a simple approach for how to cut a dog’s toenails without making them bleed. Easy peasy!

I know Vance will be so happy I’ve learned this if it actually works. And your dog will probably appreciate you learning this technique too, so hop over to their site and check it out. (While you’re there, definitely check out what else they offer–they’re really smart guys with a lot of useful resources.)

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